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Banking Questions

Are Sanibel Captiva Community Bank deposit accounts FDIC insured?

Yes! Each customer at Sanibel Captiva Community Bank is insured by the FDIC to at least $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each ownership category.

How do I set up Direct Deposit of my payroll check?

After your Sanibel Captiva Community Bank checking account is opened, you will receive Sanibel Captiva Community Bank’s routing and transit number and your account number. If your employer participates in a direct deposit program, simply provide this information to the human resources or payroll department at your company, and your direct deposit will usually begin within thirty days.

How do I set up Direct Deposit of my Social Security check?

After your Sanibel Captiva Community Bank checking account is opened, you will receive Sanibel Captiva Community Bank’s routing and transit number and your account number. Please bring in your social security number and account information, and our Customer Service Representatives will be glad to set up your direct deposit.

Can I get information about my account by phone?

Yes! After positive identification is verified, account information is available with our Customer Service Representatives during business hours at any of our offices.

Is interest paid on Sanibel Captiva Community Bank checking accounts?

Yes! If you want a checking account that pays a market rate of interest, check out our Banking Services for the account which best meets your needs.

Can I open an account if I don't live in the United States? What if I live in the United States but am not a citizen yet?

At this time, we only accept applications from persons residing within the United States with valid U.S. tax identification numbers (Social Security numbers). If you have questions, contact us. We’d like to hear from you.

Can I do all of my banking with Sanibel Captiva Community Bank?

Yes! Thanks to the convenience of Direct Deposit and ATMs, everyday banking activities can be performed from the comfort of home. Contact us with questions about your banking needs.

Can I look at all of my transactions at any time?

Yes! With Online Banking, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

How frequently is my Sanibel Captiva Community Bank information updated?

Sanibel Captiva Community Bank updates all customer information nightly. Whether you access our Online Banking site or visit our customer service department, your account information is updated every day to reflect all account activity.

Are wire transfers possible to and from my Sanibel Captiva Community Bank checking account?

Yes! Funds can be transferred to and from Sanibel Captiva Community Bank accounts by wire transfer or via ACH (Automated Clearing House) debits or credits. Call our customer service department at 239-472-6100 for details.

How do I make a deposit to my account from a remote location?

You can do most of your banking by using direct deposit, ATMs or ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions. Sanibel Captiva Community Bank also offers a bank-by-mail service which allows you to mail non-recurring deposits. Contact us for details on a method that’s best for you.

Can I deposit checks using my mobile phone?

Yes. Our Mobile App allows you to deposit checks directly to your account saving you a trip to the bank.

Can I pay bills using online banking or mobile phone?

Yes. Both our Online Banking and mobile banking App allow you to pay your bills without charge or without the cost of postage.

Security Questions

I'm still hesitant about banking online. Can other people see my account information?

Your account information is just as secure as it is at your physical brick and mortar bank. We’ve taken every step possible to be sure our system meets the latest security standards, including using the latest security encryption methods and software.

I keep hearing a lot about encryption. What exactly is it, and why does it make everything more secure?

Encryption is basically a way to rewrite something in a code which can then be decoded later with the right key. The encryption we use employs a mathematical process for the key which is made up of a certain number of bits (hence, 128-bit encryption). The higher the number of bits, the better the encryption. While using our Online Banking System, all communication from you to the system and from the system to you is encrypted using a maximum of 128 bits. In other words, when you send information to the system, your browser encrypts it using a 128-bit key, then sends it to the system. The system then decodes the information you sent it using the key (which is predetermined when your Online Banking session is started) and processes it.

What about information that is stored? Is it encrypted as well?

Information stored on our system is also encrypted using at least 128 bits.

I'd like to know more about the security methods you have implemented. Where can I read more?

For a more detailed description of the security features in our Online Banking System, please see our Fraud Protection Advice.